Companies outside the security branch also need to adapt to new challenges in international markets. Statistics show that most terrorist attacks and organised violence are aimed at companies, not government institutions. The impact and loss in case of an attack is huge and even large companies might not be able to recover from such an incident. However, by implementing skills in your personnel and benefiting from the human factors there is a lot that can be done to prevent the worst-case scenario. Once your employees know what to look for they will easily notice things out of place, can take part in bomb searches at short notice, make well-informed decisions and take countermeasures themselves should something happen. Having emergency plans and skilled personnel who can be proactive, together with initiating post-incident management, will pay off in the short term.

Management and traveling business people

Self-protection and self-preservation are also essential skills for businessmen and -women. Exploring new markets in other countries is becoming a vital part of the job. Yet most staff will travel without security detail. Do you really know how to stand up for yourself in a foreign country? Can you create a safe haven in your hotel room? Do you know the dos and don’ts of traveling in critical countries?
We teach travel security, awareness, anti-kidnapping, self-protection crisis management and strategies to make your business trips safe and make you feel comfortable in critical environments.

Non-governmental Organisations

It is wonderful that NGOs help resolve crisis situations and help in medical and infrastructural building.
But more often than not these women and men become the target of assaults and crime. We teach concepts that prevent incidents, both pre-emptive and reactive.
We at LAHNER ACADEMY help you by educating and training your employees in solutions for physical conflicts, kidnapping prevention and terrorism awareness. We make sure your employees absorb the skills and we integrate them into your everyday routine.

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